Hi, I'm Ira Sanchez.👋

I am a full stack software engineer from Earth (Phoenix, AZ, USA).🌎
I am willing to relocate. 👨🏽‍🚀🚀

Once, I needed help, and others helped me. Then, I studied social work to return my gratitude. Now, I write code to empower.

I have experience with these technologies 🔨







*LESS and SASS included

🧐 Proof I can build things:

Boxobeats Front-end

boxobeats is a beatbox training app that enables a user to find tutorials for learning how to make individual and combined sounds. The user can also add sounds to focus on for their current practice session while making use of the built-in metronome.

Tech Stack: React, Axios, Material UI

Boxobeats Back-end

🤝 Things I've made to help others:

Communication Tips for Lambda Students

A document I made for other Lambda School students who struggle with soft skills, particularly communication for networking and professional environments, includes information for remote communication skills as well.


I made this drill for the first group of students I tutored at Lambda School to help them practice writing passing props in React, a tool used to dynamically render data across different parts of the app.

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